Pendidikan ala Rasulullah SAW. “Rasulullah SAW. sebagai living model dalam pendidikan Islam”

Shoni Rahmatullah Amrozi


At around the world drowned in a stream of lies, loss of human dignity, far from the light of monotheism, and the social, political, economic, cultural and religious communities, especially the Arab world is very fragile and apprehensive, appears a major figure in the history of all time. He carried the torch of transformation from darkness into bright light of life. He led a chaotic society into a society that guided and educated, moreover released the Arab from polytheism to monotheism. He is the Prophet Muhammad who is well known as a carrier rahmatallil'alamin. The biggest crisis in the world today is a crisis exemplary. The crisis is more powerful than the energy, health, food, transportation and water crisis. Due to the absence of a visionary leader, competent, and have high integrity then the problem of water, forest conservation, health, education, justice system, and transport will be more severe. As a result, more and more day health care costs increasingly difficult to affordable, transportation management increasingly chaotic, the education lose conscience of compassion-oriented noble character, rivers and ground water increasingly polluted and garbage piled up everywhere. Here, among the problems experienced by the Muslim world, including Indonesia, as part of the world's third largest. Therefore, the education of the Prophet Muhammad is the benchmark that must be followed by all human beings in terms of projecting the pattern of education, because the education p taught by him will lead people to be teacher who are respected, loved and followed by all student.


Kata Kunci: Pendidikan, Islam, Rasulullah SAW., Living Model.

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