Diskursus Pergeseran Studi Islam ; Melacak Tirani Paradigma Keislaman Klasik

Tauhedi As’ad


While in the Western world began much to learn about the development of Islamic Studies with a multidisciplinary approach, in the Muslim-majority countries began to be aware of the fading and deterioration spirit of seeking knowledge that loss of critical reason­ing scientifically. Most Muslims support and maintain the old tradi­tion that dwell on the text alone, so the understanding of Islam using textual approach, on the other hand some supporters of Muslims takes a historical approach to the analysis knife sciences-humanities and social philosophy, the patterns of the second approach is pat­terned contextualist. However, both approaches paradigm still be stiff and tense that each maintains its ideology respectively.


Islamic studies Shifting, Methods and Approaches, Paradigm Tyranny

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