Hermeneutika Khaleed Abou El Fadl ; Sebuah Upaya unuk Menemukan Makna Petunjuk Kehendak Tuhan dalam Teks Agama

Rendra Khaldun


God's will manifested in religious texts is actually a re­gion of human interpretation. The Interpretation of this region which throughout human history becomes seizure of various sects and schools that developed in Islam. No exception, an Islamic philo­sopher, Khaleed Abou el Fadl. According to el Fadl, God himself wants to be man's search for the will of God as the highest form of the truth. Furthermore, according to el Fadl, the ultimate truth is measured by one's sincerity in seeking the truth. Here, El Fadl used hermeneutics as a tool in seeking God's will.


The will of God, Hermeneutics, Interpretation.

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