Islam dan Hak Asasi Manusia dalam Perspektif Fathi Osma

Ach. Mus’if


Qur'an and Hadith show the Islamic conception of human rights. The implementation in Islam can be referred to the practices of daily life of the Prophet called Sunnah. The milestone in the Islamic civi­lization history as human rights fostering religion is the birth of Medina Charter. Two basic principles of human rights are declared in the Medi­na Charter. First, Muslims are one nation even they are from different tribes. Second, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslim communities is arranged according to the principles such as interact with others; help each other; uphold the oppressed ones, encourage one another and respect for religious freedom. Based on that, the true Mus­lim respects for diversity as the main foundation of human rights, not to discriminate and disgrace other people. it is interesting to observe what Fathi Osman considered about human rights related to Islam.


Human Rights, Islam, Fathi Osman.

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