Konsep Nilai dan Desain Pembelajaran Pendidikan Anti Korupsi di Pesantren

Nurul Anam


The terms of anti-corruption education can be seen as part of the reconstruction of education that seeks to address issues of corruption in the society. In Indonesia, corruption has become a "in­fectious virus" because corruption is not only done at the top level but also has penetrated into the lower level. Therefore, in implement­ing anti - corruption education, a school should be a role model in creating the institution that produces graduates who are anti­corruption. Pesantren has its own noble values: patience, piety, in­dependence, sincerity, simplicity, freedom and justice. These values can be formulated into a major foothold in the instructional design of anti-corruption education in developing the learning process of dialectical interaction between students and stakeholders who are in pesantren, designing learning objectives, designing materials, learn­ing strategies, and evaluation


Value Concept, Learning Design, anti-corruption edu¬cation, Pesantren.

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