Urgensi Kecerdasan Emosional dan Kecerdasan Spiritual dalam Peningkatan Prestasi Belajar PAI Siswa

Titin Nurhidayati


Muslim Teachers should strive to be innovative especially in improving students' morality. Education based on moral and values should continue to be pursued and applied, such as honesty, fairness, cleanliness and so forth. Emotional and spiritual Quotient (ESQ) as one of a response in alleviating the weaknesses in Islamic instruction. ESQ is a solution of a growing problem in human rea­soning. The success can not be measured by mere intellectual acu­men. But there are many other intelligence as emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence. During the growing notion that the size of a person's success is only seen from sheer IQ, so no wonder a lot of people who are good but immoral. Many people are good at their subjects but they do not succeed in life


Emotional and Spiritual Quotient, Islamic Instruction

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