Upaya Kepala Sekolah dalam Meningkatkan Kompetensi Guru PAI dalam Menggunakan Media Pembelajaran

Syamsun HS


From the description and discussion of research data on the Principal efforts in improving the competence of PAI teachers us­ing instructional media in SMAN 4 Jember, researcher formulates conclusions: first, principal planning to develop the PAI teacher competence in the use of instructional media in SMAN 04 Jember is done by scheduling training and coaching as well as socializing the use of instructional media. In addition, there is an attempt to plan the budget for the procurement of instructional media in the school budg­et plan. Second, it is done by requiring the PAI teachers to enrich their knowledge and skills in using instructional media by requiring them to follow the training of instructional media. The principal also checks compliance with the characteristics of the use of instructional media learning materials in the lesson plan so that the teachers and principal can help each others to solve the problems related to the use of instructional media in school.


The Principal Efforts, the PAI teacher competence, learning media

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