Kekerasan Atas Nama Islam; Akar Masalah dan Alternatif Solusinya

Babun Suharto


There is no religion in the universe teaching violence. Every religion teaches and obliges virtues, goodness, and peace for its followers, and so does Islam. Nevertheless, in reality, there is so much violence committed in the name of Islam. Al Qur'an and hadith very often become the tools of legitimating violence conducted either by in­dividual or group of people. The word"Allahu Akbar is employed as a tool to boast the spirit of violence. As if God takes a proactive part in the violence itself. This makes the Islam observers and the West con­clude that Islam is identical to violence. The argument used is that the violence is commonly conducted by Muslims which is actually against the substance of Islamic teaching. This paper will disentangle the root causes of violence named on Islam that is misleadingly believed by many people.


Islam, violence, religious mass organization.

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