Kesan Kesenian Islam di Spanyol (Studi historis di Istana al-Hambra)

Wafirah Ilmi Mufidah


The spreading of Islam has changed the world civilization since its early presence. It can be seen from many Islamic heritages that left in the centre of several Islamic countries between sixth to nineĀ­teenth centuries, when Islam almost ruled the whole of the world. Spain is one of it. Spain was known as a country where Islam achieved its golden age. Almost all of Islamic heritages in Spain were kept as its original and Alhambra was one of it. Alhambra was said as a legendary palace around eleventh century and it has a big influence both West and East poetry. Not only that, Alhambra was said as a great palace ever in the world at that time and inspired several monument in the West later


Islamic Spain, History, Alhambra, Poetry

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