Pencarian Format Baru Syari’ah di Era Modern (Kajian atas Konsep Reformasi Syari’ah dalam Dekonstruksi Syari’ahnya bdullah Ahmed An-Na’im

Fathor Rahman Jm


The modernization process led to changes in the character of the social structure at the same time. The changes encourage the emer­gence of new issues which should be responded wisely by the Islamic law. The Islamic law considered righteous likulli zaman wa al-makan is challenged to answer global challenges. They should address the is­sues of human rights, democracy, gender equality discourse, and so forth. In this context, An-Na'im with legacy rests on the concept of his teacher tries to design a new form of Shariah. He tried to make a break­through by claiming that the Makkiyah verses are universal and there­fore definitive while the Madaniyah verses are zhanni even using de­tailed sentences. Therefore, the Madaniyah verses can be set aside when contrary to the universal spirit of Islam which is reflected in the Mak-kiyah verses.


Islamic Reform Concept, Sharia deconstruction, contemporary society.

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