Hermeneutika Hukum Islam dalam Kitab Ghayah al-Wushul

Khoirul Anwar


Sheikh Imam Zakariya who is Shafi'i attempts to argue the theories of usul al-fiqh with different arguments as a defense in the book called ghayah al-Wushul. Beside Shaykh Zakariya is an academic, he also works as a legal practitioner. Typology of scholar who is inde­pendent and consistent in his ijtihad methodology and the results is quite rare. It can be seen through his interpretation of the law in the Qur'an verses. With the theory of linguistic analysis as well as tafsir and takwil approaches, he is able to solve new problems that arise at the time. At least it can be read from several legal decisions that he ga­thered in the Fathul Wahhab book. Therefore, Shaykh Zakariya's her­meneutics in Islamic law is quite important, especially for the scholars of Islamic law. Shaykh Zakariya tries to combine the three interpreta­tion components; revelation, reason and reality


Shaykh Zakariya's hermeneutics, Islamic Law, Interpreta¬tion

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