Masa Depan Pendidikan Anak Indonesia antara Harapan dan Tantangan

Titiek Rohanah Hidayati


Indonesian children are actually the greatest wealth of this nation. The wealth of this nation is not only natural resources that are abundant, but also human resources are intelligent, creative and bril­liant to advance a mainstay of this nation. However, in practice, to im­prove the human resource quality towards a better future still requires maximum effort, because here and there, it still happens inequality for the younger generation; from the student fighting, free sex, to abortion and other such things. At least, this fact is homework for the communi­ty to be able to fix the youth and future generations of this nation to­wards a better direction. Thus, the shadow of the nation's prosperity of Indonesia is not merely an illusion that has no end. But clearly, the orientation of this nation must be returned to the correct tract, as sti­pulated by the Constitution of 1945.


Indonesian Children, Poverty, Unemployment

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