Implementasi Manajemen Mutu Terpadu di SMP 11 Ma’arif Bangsalsari

Linda Wahyuning


SMP 11 Maarif is a school that is prepared to go to accre­dited school although this institution is a private institution and has experienced major conflicts. But this is a major challenge faced in im­proving the education quality to match the education quality at other schools. The use of Integrated Quality Management approach in edu­cation is expected to be a solution for this school to improve the school quality. Integrated Quality Management is a way of managing educa­tional institutions based on the assumption that to improve the quality of all elements which must be integrated and sustainable in the institu­tion must be implemented (total involvement) from the beginning. With that process, education will run as a service in the form of the ac­culturation process in accordance with the needs of customers both present and future. Within a certain period, the Integrated Quality Management in education will produce qualified graduates, maintain quality and improve quality on an ongoing basis.


Integrated, Quality Management, Principal.

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