Poligami dalam Kajian Nash al-Qur’an dan Hadits

Rafid Abbas


Polygamy in Islam basically reverses to a man who has two wives, in this case, divided in to two; to (marry) a widow who has kid and can't support her life properly and to a rich widow. If he was mar­ried to a rich widow, the wealth especially that belongs to the kid should not be mixed with the new husband and kept properly. If he was married to the widow who can't support her life, this marriage is a preference before Allah, however if he couldn't act fair he should find someone else, the will of Allah and fair shall still be the main require­ment. For young man, it is recommended to marry a virgin, if he couldn't afford it, Islam command him to do fasting until Allah enable him to afford it.


Widows, Orphans, Girls, Youth.

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