Pelaksanaan Program Life Skill Education dalam Meningkatkan Kesuksesan Siswa

Hamid .


High school graduates are expected to continue to the col­lege. However, if they do not take the further education, so they will be expected to work. The expectations of schools and parents on the fresh graduates are that they can continue to university or be an indepen­dent after graduation. Based on the observation in this study, it shows that 60% of the high school graduates can not continue to university. Therefore, for those who are not able to proceed to the universities, it is hoped that they can support themselves by getting the job. Here is the importance of giving them the life skills education program and entre­preneurial subjects. To illustrate the problem, this study attempts to explore the data with a qualitative approach. This research is classified as a case study in the term of life skills education and entrepreneurial subjects


Life Skills Education, entrepreneurial

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