Melacak Pemikiran Kassim Ahmad Tentang Keotentisitasan Hadis

Yeni Setianingsih


Kassim Ahmad is often classified into list of ingka>r as-sunnah. Because, he has hesitated authenticity of Prophet's Sunna. For him, Sunna may not received as faith source and Islam Law. Then, it ignates fury of Islam community that he is labelled as a heretical person. Nevertheles, he still believes himself that Muhammad as a Messeger of Allah. The hesitation to authenticity of Sunna is only as his protection from and love in prophet Muhammad saw. Therefore, tracing of Kassim Ahmad's thought about Sunna certainly it becomes very interesting. Beside it adds aur perspective about studying of Sunna, especially the complication of inka>r al-sunnah, we are able to read Kassim Ahmad's thought from different opinions until we should think twice to him as a heretical person. Keywords: Kassim Ahmad, Authenticity, Sunna


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