Pendekatan Abad XX Dalam Studi Alquran: Penggunaan dan Dampak dari Pendekatan Kritik Sejarah Terhadap Pemikiran Theodore Noldeke

Muzayyin Muzayyin


This paper offers an overview of 20th century approaches to the Qur’an by Western scholars, particularly the study of critical historical approach, that flourished within and colorized at large the development in Qur’anic studies up until today. The study of this approach is aim to clarifying the historical of scriptural text and deciding what was actually going on in the past as well as described part of the text into today investigation. The core issues within this approach, for instance; Will discuss the study of the origin, the original meaning of the text, and reconstruction the history of text. However, the study of the Biblical text of this approach largely sound. It’s inspired Western Scholar to applying it to the study of Qur’an. The Noble Prize from Paris Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Letters, and rightly pioneering on critical historical approach, Theodore Noldeke, winner competition on critical historical writing of Qur’an, under the title Geschichte des Qorans in 1860. Therefore, the study on Noldeke approach is considerably important. It doesnot meant that the study on Noldeke is little bit to some people, but rather than in most occasion, nothing such this writing which is focus on Noldeke approach to the study of Qur’an. Again, last but not meant less, This paper will highlight whether Noldeke’s critical historical approach applicable to the study of Qur’an ? The answer of this question will be discussed here. Keywords: Theodore Noldeke, Critical-hitorical Approach, Geschichte des Qorans.


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